Coaching services

If you want clarity, I am honored to guide you to remember your true spiritual prosperity and to your personal divine power.  


Intro Welcome Package 

You receive 3 Consecutive Group Coaching Sessions, 

45 minute sessions, Sunday 7:00-7:45pm MST

Special Gift!!!  

When you join receive Jeff and Shaleia’s Guided Meditation as a Free Gift 


Meditation by the Sea



This is an introductory offer to work with me for a month and to see how your life shifts.  The work we do will transform your life and provide you tools to work independently on your inner healing.  Four, 1 hour coaching sessions.


Girl with a Turquoise Necklace



Consistent coaching is by far the best way to manage your ability to break through blocks to union and your personal life purpose work.  Great leaders have great coaches. 3 months of 1 hour sessions per week. 


Little Girl Praying

So Within


This package is for those who want to heal as quickly as possible and to bring in your support so you can support those around you.  You won't regret putting yourself first. You receive 8, 1 hr. coaching sessions in one month.


Yoga by the Ocean



This package is designed to give you support in your life and to help you integrate over 2 months.  This package includes 6 , 1 hour sessions in 2 months.


Group Picture



For those who prefer to work in a group setting where we learn from each other and discover breakthroughs collectively. This is 1 class per week for 1.5 hours. 

 Class times TBD