Ascension, Twin Flame, Embodiment, Fitness, & Nutrition Coach. Speaker.  Entrepreneur. Mother. Professional Ballet & Contemporary Dancer.  Artistic Director & founder of Golden Ballet Theater & Infinity Corporate Fitness.

I have invested my life's work in transmuting negative energy into love, clarity, and honoring my highest and best through dance, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and inner childhood healing through ascension coaching and training.  


As an artist, I used the frustration of life's circumstances to create balance, harmony, and alignment.  As a spiritual coach, I practice the work I teach and learn to heal all that is out of alignment with unconditional love.


Now as an ascension coach, I help each person unveil their pain and bring it back into peace, compassion, and self-love so you can create your exact dream life.  There is no room for compromise in spiritual ascension and all you need is to discover the next right step to align with your romance, passion, purpose, and truest heart's desire.


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