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Belief Creates Success-You Are Worthy of the Life Your are Dreaming of.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The universe has your back. you don't have to worry or stress or struggle. It's about choice to claim your wealth, your perfect lover, and your perfect life. Your choice is powerful. Through Jeff & Shaleia's work, I've been able to transcend a life of mediocrity to one of abundance. The spiritual concepts I've learned with my coaches, Twin Flame Ascension School, and Life Purpose Classes have helped transform my beliefs. Your beliefs lead to thoughts, actions, and outcome. There is only so much a mantra will do unless you change your core beliefs and align them with divine truth.

When you choose to create something or become something all the universe gets out of the way to make it happen . . . if you believe.

The truth is that you'll only experience in life what you believe is possible. If you keep telling your truth. . . it will manifest. You can become anything in life so long as you believe it and take the action steps to become it.

In 1994, I decided to become a professional dancer. While I always had the belief that I would manifest this, when it was time to put my skills to the test . . . I didn't actually believe I could make it and while I took action steps, I kept choosing love over my career. At the time, perhaps that's what I needed most, but what I lacked at that time was self-love. I wasn't ever good enough even though I could hold my own on a dance floor with passion, precision, and was absolutely full of spirit.

Fast forward many years of lessons and challenges in love and I was diagnosed with a health condition that left me exhausted. I had to learn to put my needs first and to love myself. Eventually, I became a company member of an incredible group of people once I let go, once I just trusted. It was easy, simple, and a perfect place to perform doing meaningful work that I absolutely love.

I did the same thing with becoming a corporate trainer. I told everyone that I would be a corporate trainer and I became it. It's about speaking it and taking action.

I spent years learning personal training and even though the fitness world would not hire me, (because I still didn't believe in myself) . . . I opened a corporate training company and was hired. I absolutely became what I set out by having a lucky lead on a corporate gym opening up. This was no accident. The universe heard my desire and fulfilled it. I even manifested my first speaking gig to over 300 people at the Broncos Stadium at an Insurance conference on Mental Health in 2019. The universe/spirit/God is there to fulfill you and to bring you the desires of your heart, but you have to believe it for you to receive it.

You are worthy NOT by how hard you work, but are inherently worthy by your existence alone. Remove the resistance to this truth. This is spiritual truth and merely acknowledging this and continually reminding yourself of this truth will without a doubt manifest your heart's desires. It's a simple remembering of your inherent spiritual wealth.

Any doubt about this is an attack on your own spirit and God himself. You may even experience personal, emotional, or physical attack. You are inherently worthy of the life you desire. I encourage you to not settle for anything less than what you want. You deserve the life of your dreams. And now that you know you are worthy you can claim your safety and trust that you are safe to be your authentic self and that nothing can harm you. This is also a choice you can make. Claim that safety now in your heart.

What if you stopped holding back, what if you stopped allowing other people's opinions to matter? They are merely reflecting your own belief bout yourself. So decide to see yourself as whole, complete, and worthy or all you desire.

What if you stopped asking for approval to be great? You are inherently great, aren't you?

What if you jumped onto the adventure that you truly desire and just explored who is going to be there with you instead of being afraid of who you'll piss off if you actually get what you want? Someone told me once that you're probably not living full out if you aren't pissing off a few people.

So love where you are now and keep dreaming of who and what you'll become. The only way to thrive is to keep moving and expanding. You create your reality by your choice, by your actions, and by your faith.

Cheers to you for all you are doing and manifesting! Here is to you! Celebrate all that you are and all that you are becoming! The world will celebrate with you when you celebrate yourself.

There is no time like the present to LOVE who you are!

If you want help on your journey, schedule your call with me.

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