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The Truth is that your are completely supported by God/Source.

You merely can choose to release the illusion of this separation you feel.

Since 2017, I have been learning and following the work of Jeff & Shaleia who just celebrated 5 years of marriage in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They have built a life only few dare to dream of let alone live fully. I follow their work because I too desire success, great love, and to create my own Heaven on Earth.

As I write this I am healing this part of myself that has been resistant to Jeff and Shaleia’s work. Ego can be super convincing and use all kinds of excuses to keep you in a looping cycle. Be sure to read the end to see how God blessed me every time I invested out of Faith. And it has been out of pure trust every single time. It wasn’t a rational decision . . . it was an emotional one.

Anyone relate to using work as a means of self-worth only to not be appreciated or have hours cut when asking for a raise even though you’ve been completely invested in a job and their customers are super happy. I even won a choreography award at a competition and was not told about it by management. One of the parents congratulated me. When you look for outside validation you will not find it.

Everything starts within. This work helps you build a foundation with God/Source/Universe.

What’s really important here is that even though I left to start my own school I hadn’t healed this part of me that wasn’t feeling loved. I had trouble collecting money form my clients and thought I had to take on several part-time jobs in order to make it as a single parent. I spent years flailing about and never making my bills because I thought it had to be hard. This is the result of not fully valuing myself even though I am highly professional and been investing in my education since I was 14 when I hired my first ballet coach.

When I came across this work at TFU, I thought I could heal without support. I thought with all the professional development I had been through I could heal my financial challenges. I was wrong. So wrong that I have spent almost 4 years working through loving myself in this space. I am just now coming to the end of this cycle permanently.

I bought Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover in the Fall of 2017. I waited an entire year, October of 2018, to finally invest in TFAS, which gave me the courage to friend request my twin. He accepted the request during a discussion group class in just 2 weeks learning in TFAS.

In the Fall of 2019, I invested in MAP, because I was guided that it would heal my union. I also decided to become an ascension coach because I knew I would heal faster. In May of 2020, I finally decided to hire my own personal coach which has been instrumental at healing my union. I invested in LPC in the summer of 2020 and I am just now deciding that I have the time to watch TFAS every single day to heal my union.

This is how we resist love. I told myself I couldn’t afford it. . . which really just means that I believed the lie that God wouldn’t support me.

I kept pushing the edges to see if God would support my growth and to my incredible amazement I have always been able to pay for my products and coaching. It's okay to test it and allow God to show you.

The one month (last month) I couldn’t pay for my coaching on time, the speaker broke in my studio the day before payment draft and I had to replace it with the last bit of overdraft protection so my coaching payment did not process. I was super upset to fall short and God was clearly guiding me to speak up.

God will only discipline you so that you step up into the life you are meant to lead. I was disciplined out of love. God was showing me that it’s safe to speak my mind and release how people receive the truth. We are leaders. If you are here on this journey you are being called to lead and it may take every ounce of courage you have to say Fuck You to the fear, to codependency, and to doubt.

The truth is that you are meant for great things and when you resist the things that serve you, you miss the blessings, you miss the truth, and you miss your chance to really heal.

If you want your life to transform you must allow yourself to receive healing and guidance. You must fight for possibility and not your limitations. “Well, the reality is…. “ is a phrase I heard often growing up.

The truth is that we create our own reality. As a divine spark of the divine you were created in God’s image to be able to create alongside of God. Your creating is His creation.

I opened my ballet school so that I could teach girls to fly. As a classical dancer, when I’m leaping and jumping I literally feel like I’m flying because I defy gravity over and over in several passes accross the floor. That is literally why I started my school so that other kids could feel that kind of freedom. Today in class, my students picked up these pads on the floor that they can jump on and turned them into wings and for a few minutes the 3 year olds collectively decided they wanted to fly together like birds. It was beautiful and magical. Thes girls could feel what I am building for them.

This is the power of feeling. I just healed a layer of being super stressed and numb at work. These kids were able to feel the freedom I am experiencing because of this work. I challenge you that you are either fighting for your limitations or your opportunity. When you invest in TFU, you are investing in a company that will literally set your spirit free. I’ve healed layers of stress I didn’t even know I was carrying my entire life. . . without chiropractic , or massage, or any other healing tool. This work is powerful. It’s not like investing in anything else. It is POWERFUL. It is REAL. It provides REAL results. It is a spiritual tool that will heal the reason professional development doesn’t work. It heals the feeling of being unworthy, and unwanted, rejected, and anything else the ego likes to trick you with.

The work works, if you do it. If you decide to tell yourself you don’t have time or money to follow your passions then you may likely stay in the same cycle for years or even lifetimes.

Your twin is hurting, too. It’s not compassionate to leave your counterpart hurting when you know a way to help you both heal. Likely your person is doing what always worked for them to take the pain away. If you do this work they will also get closer to their feeling and they won’t be able to do the things “that work”. Eventually, those things they use to distract themselves won’t help them feel any better bc it’s only temporary satisfaction.

When you invest in yourself in a way that promotes your life you will be rewarded. Here is how God has helped me. I’ve also had random times when an extra $1000 was added into my bank account out of nowhere. Just an extra $1000.00. This happened 2x. Once in 2018 and again in April of 2020.

Right before I invested in TFAS in 2018, I needed to trade in my leased car with bad credit. I found a cosigner and manifested the $1200 investment for it within 3 days of joining TFAS and I just trusted. I blindly trusted and invested not knowing how I was going to do it.

In May of 2020, I finally invested in hiring a personal coach. This is when I lost half of my students due to covid and I certainly didn’t feel I had the ability to pay for it. I invested anyway as guided. At the end of May, I ran out of money and my car, (I was driving Uber for extra income) needed a $525 investment. My best friend’s mother and father in law held a collection for me at their church and gifted me $400.00. I literally cried like a baby in relief that people cared and that God cared. I had spent every last dollar on my car and had no idea how I was going to survive. I also then claimed my support and applied for Unemployment because my school was only covering the expenses of the school.

In July of 2020, I invested in Life Purpose class. I was on unemployment since I own a small ballet school. In August, my unemployment insurance gave me an extra $1200.00 out of nowhere. There was no explanation for it and it happened again in September. Also in September, I brought in 23 new students and my income doubled from August to September and set the foundation for my school. I also gave up driving Uber in July as my side job as I was guided. I didn’t feel ready or supported, but I listened to my intuition.

When you invest in yourself you are telling the universe that you are worthy of all that you desire. There is no substitute for taking this kind of action. If you take action, it should be toward healing, not overworking or scrambling for the next quick fix. My coach taught me to heal first and then I’ll see the result. It’s about claiming your support. . . not waiting. If you wait, you are telling the universe that you want to wait. . . What you decide matters because you will always get a reflection of your BELIEFS. HEAL YOUR BELIEF AND HEAL YOUR LIFE.

It’s your choice. How will you create your life? Will you push the envelope and choose a life in harmony with God and your Twin Flame. It's your will, and your choice. Your will is God's will. They are one and the same so if you have a desire in your heart it is for you. But you must simply choose and follow ALL the steps in order to transcend the"limitation" or limited belief.

A great way to start is the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

The Twin Flame Free Starter Kit:

And be sure to find an amazing coach to support you on your journey:

And to work the one and only Jeff Ayan:

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