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Self Meditation

Transform your self love by allowing yourself to receive your own love. I walk you through a process here to create a very specific meditation designed to use your subconscious mind to deliver messages. This is created using the teaching of Jeff & Shaleia at Twin Flames Universe.

I have recorded and designed this meditation specifically to bring you into self-love. For those especially in separation this is a core block to union with the divine and union with your divine counterpart. I encourage you to bring this love into your heart and up to the divine as your twin flame is a manifestation of your love with the divine.

Your twin can only meet you when you have healed your upsets with the divine so this is an essential component to healing your divine twin flame union.

I also have added the transcription so that you may create your own mediation as it can also be powerful to record for yourself and to hear your own voice. I have heard this can be more powerful so I have added the transcription so you can use this template and add your own affirmations or anything dear to you. This way you can also add in specific life purpose affirmations and to help reprogram your beliefs about what is possible. I encourage you to use identity shifts such as "I am a professional chef" or anything that shifts you into speaking who you want to be, but shift it to the present moment.

You are your own creator, you should use this as a way to decide what you want to manifest. I suggest you keep it simple and add specific affirmations as you feel guided. Make sure you are in a space of possibility when you are creating this meditation.

It is recommended that you listen to this meditation daily either when you first wake up, before bed, or both.

I have created a self-love meditation that is complete and will guide you according to included an example for you so you can use the one I guide you through until you create your own.

Record. Add music if you desire. Listen daily with headphone. See your life transform. I used garages band to record the music track which is a royalty free 528Hz frequency which is the vibration of love. I also used the care vibration from a medical device that helps for self-love so this mediation is infused with love.

Link to Meditation:

Feel free to subscribe to my You Tube channel, Like the Video so others can also see it. You'll receive updates if you click the bell so you'll have more support along your journey. I continue to learn and develop skills to guide you further into your union with the divine and your divine counterpart. Please share this work if you find it helpful to you so that we can all ascend together on this incredible journey of love.

Suggested Meditation:

Your life is about to transform

This meditation will change your life as you experience it

You will find more of a reflection of love in your life as you listen to this meditation daily for at least a month.

Please sit down on the floor or lay down and relax, there is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to be, you are completely free. Choose to be present with yourself and relax as you exhale.

Prepare to be wired for love, success, joy, and make an intention to bring in more love into your life. As a divine child of the universe you are worthy of all of your good, you have value just by being you. You will begin to experience more acceptance as you continue to choose self acceptance. Take a moment now to choose this self acceptance. All the high lights all the low lights . . . all of who you are in pure divine spirit, a learner of life. A happy child learning what it is to love.

You are about to connect to your heart and love in a way you have never before. Make yourself comfortable as we dive deep into your subconscious mind. Set the intention that this meditation will help you to feel more love in your heart than ever before.

That as you feel more love in your heart,

that energy overflows and allows you to perceive more love in your life. Start off by paying attention to the energy in your heart.

You can put you hands over your heart and put the energy in your heart.

With every breathe you take you feel more connected to your heart, more connected to who you really are. Take in and receive, release and let go. Breathe in life force and release, let go of all that is not serving you.

Breathing is the most natural way to receive, just allow yourself to receive this divine gift.

As you breathe in feel the energy in your heart. Breathe out and feel the energy in your heart center getting more energized. This energy in your heart is going to manifest the perfect partner for you. Remember that you are already whole and complete, That you have value simply be being you.

Understand that everything you experience is simply a reflection of what you feel and the more you tap into the energy in your heart the more you naturally tap into the love that you'll experience more love in your life.

Love is simply an ever expanding source of light a source of your light, imagine breathing into your heart and release as you are ready

I want you to imagine a divine waterfall, just coming from above, this water is the source fo love and abundance, joy and bliss, immeasurable possibility and opportunity. Take a moment and imagine a cup of divine water in a perfect tea cup. Now imagine this water is poured from a divine source into your tea cup, delicately, effortlessly, and ever flowing, and as this water flows it overflows into the saucer, imagine several other cups and saucers catching the overflow so as the water continues to flow more water is poured into the each saucer and into the next cup and saucer and so on and so on and so on infinitely . . . your heart is the cup of water and continues to align with this divine source and fills your entire life with love, the love that you are. You are beginning to feel just a small part of love that is available to you. As you continue to breathe in and out you notice that this source is infinite and that this love you are experiencing is overflowing, ever growing, and forever flowing to you at all times.

This love is available to you, to tap into your heart at any moment by simply allowing yourself to breathe

The overflow is the love you are able to give from this divine source without ever depleting the love that you feel in your heart.

Now find yourself, find yourself imagining you are now planting a seed, Imagine this seed is the foundation of your love. And as you plant it now into your heart you begin to feel your love expand even further. This love has always been with you. You have always had sacred connection to yourself. Your love is powerful and is as natural as your breath. This love holds the key___ The key to everything you desire.

Your love is your Greatest abundance, Your greatest sense of self.

Now imagine that as you breathe you are connecting to who you truly are. Imagine yourself in your dream landscape. Imagine that you are in your most favorite place in the world. Imagine yourself with your favorite person or an animal who brings you comfort. Allow your experience to unfold as you feel safe, loved, and adored.

This love that is reflected in you is reflected to you as well. Now remember that your heart is more powerful than your mind. Your heart has the power to transcend and will bring in the relationship you desire. . . with yourself, the divine, and with others.

And with your perfect divine compliment, your one true and only love…..

This energy around you will transform your life. Now as we continue say these affirmations in your heart:

*I am whole, healthy, and complete.

*I am an innocent child of the divine,

*I am a happy learner as I develop mastery. I create my reality, and by simply choosing, by simply choosing what I want and honoring myself I will ascend to the most perfect part of me that has always been . . . to the divine calling that is already inside of me. I am remembering now. I am waking up to who I truly am. I am divine perfection. My divine union is untainted, pure, and completely holy. I believe in perfect love and perfect union. This is who I am. I am perfection. I am love. And I am the love that I seek. I choose to breathe in love, and exhale relief.

———— Space. . . repeat affirmations . . . add more of your own, etc.

As a divine being I choose to claim my sovereignty, my safety, and to harness my joy. I choose to let go of suffering. . . .

The truth is that Only love is real. Love is the only thing that is real and love is the only thing that will heal.

For this love is truly who I am, who I’m meant to be, and what I’m meant to share with the world.

I am love, pure love. . .

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